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If you or someone close to you is trapped in addiction contact us on 0845 508 9616 or email – We have addiction clinics across the UK & worldwide that can accept same day admissions and have medically supervised detox units.

Addiction ClinicsAddiction Clinic Network – Worldwide Treatment at your fingertips

We have addiction clinics situated across the UK and spread across the world. We also have access to and offer many effective treatments for addiction both new and old. With the new technology available more and more cutting edge treatments are available in the UK and worldwide. These treatments vary massively but all have a place in treating the right person. Everyone is different and we understand this fully. We now offer Naltrexone implants, Ibogaine therapy and hypnotherapy alongside our traditional treatments addiction treatment methods both 12 step and non 12 step. Addiction is diverse and so are we!

Addiction Clinics UK

Our addiction clinics in the UK offer almost every treatment available and can treat all cases from mild to severe. We have clinics that specifically deal with types of addiction or disorder alongside fully mixed clinics. Everyone responds differently to treatment so offering different treatments allows us to get better results long term. Our Addiction Clinics in the UK come with varied facilities and features. All our clinics offer a proven and effective programme that includes one on one work with counsellors, group therapy and educational groups. Alongside this some of our clinics boast luxury rooms, gyms, swimming pools and a private chef.

Addiction ClinicOur clinics are usually nestled away in country side or serene setting to allow relaxation and tranquility. We feel this allows our clients to fully recover and recuperate faster and more comfortably.

The majority of our addiction clinics have full medical supervision allowing us to treat the most sever cases of addiction. This also allows us to take 24 hour admissions across the UK. Our addiction clinics all fully believe that the best way to treat addiction is through the mind, body and soul and as such look at exercise & diet as a vital part of long term recovery. More info and direct links to our rehab clinics in the UK can be found on the following pages:

International Addiction Clinics

International Addiction ClinicWe have addictions clinics all over Europe the majority of Africa, Asia and Australasia. We also have access to traditional treatments within these clinics that is not available in much of the world. Many of our International Addiction Clinics can be allot cheaper due to good exchange rates and cheaper living costs. Our addiction clinics outside of the UK all offer fantastic facilities and effective programmes. We can arrange all flights and transfers. We can even send an addiction specialist and trained nurse as an escort for the flight.

Often our International Clinics have that touch of luxury and are set in idyllic locations with 5 star hotel like facilities. You can find our International Addictions Clinics here:

What do our Addiction Clinics Treat?

We are equipped to deal with all substance addiction including but not limited to:

  • Alcoholism
  • Amphetamine Addiction (including Crystal Methamphetamine)
  • Cannabis Addiction (Marijuana)
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Crack Addiction
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Ketamine Addiction
  • Methedrone Addiction
  • Prescription Medication

We can treat even severe cases relating to cross addiction and eating disorders. We have specialist clinics dedicated to dealing with severe eating disorder cases. We also now have specialised clinics for serious bi polar, schizophrenia and psychosis treatment. Contact us today for more information on 0845 508 9616,

Home Based Addiction Treatment

We offer many home based programmes including detox through or partners Home Detox UK. For more info click the link.

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