Al-Anon – What is it?

Al-Anon – Who are they?

Al-Anon was set up to help family members and loved ones of alcoholics. Initially set up by the partner of one of the founding members of Alcoholics Anonymous it has grown alongside organically. All members are or have been affected by an alcoholic. It is a totally anonymous group that has grown year in year out.

Al-AnonAl-Anon – What they do?

Al-Anon is essentially a support group for people affected indirectly by alcoholism. Speaking, sharing and listening has been proven as a great way to understand alcoholism and understand you are not alone. Al-Anon is run by its self and does not accept outside contributions.

Al-Anon provides unparalleled advice and guidance to family members and friends of alcoholics both suffering and recovering. It touches on a areas of co-dependence, counter-dependence and enabling. It is based loosely around the 12 step programme of alcoholics anonymous and has had a great impact on people whose lives have been changed by alcohol addiction. It brings understanding and real guidance to everyday situations faced by the family members of an alcoholic.

Al-Anon has regular group meetings across the world on a daily basis. To find an Al-anon meeting visit this site. Aside from the meetings Al-Anon also holds annual conventions and activities for members. The only requirement to be a member is to know a suffering alcoholic.

Al-Anon compliments AA very well and both groups run in tandem although have differences. Often the group’s intermingle and share between. This allows everyone to see how the other person or side actually thinks. This is arguably the most effective type of therapy available and its essentially free. Addiction is a family disease and not just one the alcoholic or drug addicts suffers with. It is suggested that every addict directly affects the live of 18 people.

If you or someone you know needs help with addiction call 0844 309 1993. We are waiting to help.

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