Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol Interventions are a vital part in the first stage of recovery and arguably the hardest step. We can arrange a same day Alcohol Intervention to any of our clinics in the UK or worldwide. If you know someone who needs help with alcohol addiction contact us today on 0844 309 1993 for free advice.

Alcohol Intervention – Getting Help

As any addiction, alcohol requires special treatment. Treatments vary depending on the program’s approach to the disease. The alcohol intervention is a crucial step in getting treatment for the addiction. Alcohol intervention usually involves the peoples family members or friends which, with a help of a professional, make an attempt to convince the addict to seek help. They can point out the physical and emotional damage he/she is causing to himself and his/her loved ones, and show the person that he/she is loved and cared for, and not alone with the debilitating problem. It puts the addict into a loving and considerate situation, and if done properly, with the help of a professional, alcohol intervention is conducted in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. The process of alcohol intervention can also have a therapeutic effect on the entire family, it gives them the opportunity to open about their frustrations and concerns in a supportive atmosphere.

Alcohol InterventionIt is crucial that the process is facilitated by a third-party member, a person trained in alcohol intervention, because it is not rare that people in addiction are not willing to listen and cooperate with the intervention group. The person may even not be willing to admit that he/she has a problem and start acting with hostility or even aggression. What is important is to remember is that anyone can overcome addiction, but recognizing the symptoms of addiction and seeking professional help are crucial steps for successful rehabilitation. Having a person that will guide the addict and the family through the alcohol intervention and treatment processes is of an immense help. Everyone deserves a quality life free of addiction.

We can offer alcohol interventions worldwide and succeed in 99% of cases. We can also offer interventions for any other substance abuse and even process addictions. Transportation is included making it arguably the easiest and most effective way to get a loved one into the treatment they need.

Call us today on 0844 309 1993 for more information on our Alcohol Intervention service.

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