Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis Addiction is growing by the day due to many reasons including pending legalisation in many countries around the world. Cannabis Addiction is real and affects many people around the world. If you or a loved one are struggling with Cannabis Addiction call 0844 309 1993 for free advice.

Cannabis Addiction: A Global Epidemic

Cannabis Addiction TreatmentCannabis or marijuana is a psychoactive drug inducing euphoria, relaxation and overall heightened mood to the consumer. Cannabis is the most used illicit drug worldwide. Consequently, cannabis addiction is listed as one of the most common conditions requiring addiction intervention and treatment. According to a statistics released by the United Nations, approximately 162 million people or 4% of the adult world population have used cannabis in the past year, with around 22.5 million people using it on a daily basis. Overall, around 9% of those who have tried cannabis at least once in their lifetime develop a cannabis addiction, and the numbers are growing to around 10-20% for those who reported to use cannabis daily. There are certain risk factors that may lead to developing cannabis Addiction:

  • young age
  • emotional distress
  • poor parenting
  • cigarette dependency
  • affiliation with other drug-users

Cannabis effects

Cannabis Addiction TreatmentIn large doses, the use of cannabis can induce visual and auditory hallucinations. The long-term abuse of the drug increases the risk of social and behavioral problems. It also exposes the user to a risk of irreversible cognitive impairment, attention deficiency and psychomotor impairment. Long-term use can also lead to increased tolerance to effects of the drug as well as with harsher symptoms during withdrawal. Many of the anti-cannabis policies in different countries are based on the theory that cannabis is a ‘gateway drug’ i.e. that cannabis illicit use poses a greater risk at trying ‘harder’ drugs. This is true in someways but Alcohol I believe is the real gateway drug! Cannabis Addiction and long term heavy use can lead onto a host of mental health conditions along with the normal risks associated with smoking.

Cannabis Addiction Treatments

We provide a variety of choices for cannabis addiction treatment. This is because every case differs and everyone reacts differently to treatments that we offer. The tried and tested technique includes attending a Cannabis Addiction rehabilitation clinic for a span of up to 3 months. Successful long term recovery chances change drastically based on the duration of the treatment. Our Cannabis Addiction treatments are summarized below. Please click the links to find out more or phone us on 0844 309 1993 for guidance and free advice.

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