Cheap Rehab – Rehab You Can Afford?

Cheap rehab clinics often offer the very same recovery programme as luxury ones. The only difference is the facilities. We work with many rehab clinics from all ends of the scale. For more information on our Cheap rehab clinics call 0844 309 1993 or email

Cheap Rehab

cheap rehabLack of finances comes as one of the most common impediments to start a rehabilitation treatment. A great number of addicts become casualties because lack of funding to get help in overcoming their drug or alcohol dependence. Still, there are places you can turn to, even when your pocket is empty. Rehab can come cheap, and cheap does not always mean low quality. There are many non-profit drug and alcohol treatment centers. Take a look at of the options for rehab that can come cheap:

  • Professional Rehab Center – At a first glance, this is not the first association to cheap rehab. Still, many facilities offer payment options suited to the needs of the patients, and lowering the rehab fees.
  • Rehab Programmes Supported by the State – Many countries offer alcohol and drug treatment facilities that are free of charge to the patients. The problem is that many of these facilities have a very long waiting list. These types of programs can also be put through various restraints and cutbacks in times of economic crises.
  • Support Groups – Support groups, like Alcoholic Anonymous, do come cheap, but cannot be the only method of rehab. Research shows that any rehabilitation program you choose will be more efficient if combined with mutual support groups.
  • Non-profit centers that are managed by religious organizations are another form of cheap rehab. They have been around longer than the professional rehab centers and their number continues to grow.
  • Clinical Trials –Clinical trials, as a form of cheap rehab, are researching new counseling and/or medication treatments in dealing with addiction. However, it should be noted that the results can vary since these treatments are still in their investigational phases.

No matter which option of cheap rehab you choose, it is important to remember that cheap rehab is always the better option than no rehab.

For information on our Cheap Rehab clinics in the UK or the world call 0844 309 1993 or fill in the form below. Sometimes rehab clinics in foreign countries can be more cost effective due to exchange rates and facilities. We work with rehab clinics across the world so call us for free guidance on addiction.

Cheap Rehab options from home?

Often receiving home based treatment can be allot cheaper due to the lowered costs involved. We work closely with Home Detox UK and can offer tailored home programmes to suit your needs. For more information call us or visit the Home Detox UK website.

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