Cannabis Intervention

Cannabis Interventions are an important component in the very first phase of the most difficult step and recovery from addiction. We can organize same-day Cannabis Interventions in the United Kingdom or World-wide to some our addiction practices. Know somebody who wants help with Cannabis addiction? Contact us now on 0844 309 1993 for free guidance.

Cannabis Intervention – Getting Help

Cannabis InterventionThere is global growth in the demand of treatment for cannabis dependency. There are different programs for rehabilitation, but the cannabis intervention has proved an important factor for an addict to begin a treatment program. Cannabis intervention is an attempt to face the addict to his addiction and to present him/her with the consequences of his behavior. Usually conducted by a group of people close to the addict (family and close friends), the cannabis intervention is a pre-planned session, and with a help of a professional in the field, is aimed to initiate the process of rehabilitation.

The cannabis intervention is done in a safe environment, in a loving and respectful manner. The professional assistance is there to guide the participants through the process, to prevent any conflict situations that may have negative effect on the addict’s decision, and to provide the person needing help with the options for getting a treatment. Many addicts are not willing to face their problem and therefore seek help – a cannabis intervention professional is there to control the situation and prevent any kind of violent or hostile behavior from the addict or the family members. Cannabis intervention is intended to break the circle of denial and stimulate the addict to seek help. Cannabis dependence may be underestimated as a problem, but the long-term consequences indicate that this is a condition that should not be neglected by any means. Seeking help is the first step for a successful recovery, and to provide the addict and his/her family with a chance for a drug-free life.

We can offer Cannabis interventions worldwide with a success rate of 95%. We can also offer interventions for any other substance abuse including prescription medication. Transportation is included making it the easiest way to get a loved one into the treatment they need.

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