Heroin Detox

Heroin Detox now available across the UK both residential and home based. Do you know someone suffering from Heroin Addiction? Call us today for free advice and support, we are open 24/7 – call 0844 309 1993 now or email support@addicctionclinicnetwork.com

Heroin DetoxHeroin addiction is a growing problem not merely for the UK but also for the modern world in general. More affordable prices, more potent quality and ease in obtainability have all played a role in the problem. Once hooked on Heroin it can be extremely difficult to cease use without specialist support. Heroin is known to cause long term psychological and mental difficulties.

Heroin Detox – Specialist Detox Facilities

Heroin Detox ClinicWe have a number of clinics across the UK with specialist detox units. These units are staffed by medical professionals 24/7. This enables us to handle the most severe heroin detox cases. Our heroin detox clinics are all relatively small (no larger than 8 beds) as this allows us to focus on the individual and make the detox as comfortable as possible. All of our clinics hold full CQC regulation and some are registered as private hospitals.

Heroin Detox – Home Based

Whilst residential rehabilitation treatment programmes are the correct choice for many, for other individuals a Heroin home detox is a far greater choice. As a result of family commitments, financial dilemmas along with work issues, numerous people cannot enter a rehab clinic. Thats why we offer a heroin detox service that is completely home based. Its safe, effective and affordable causing you as little disruption as possible.

Our Heroin Detox is created around your individual needs. Our skilled dependency staff will supervise all the elements of your detox compassionately. All our workers come from dependence histories so know very well what you might be going through.

Our Heroin Detox (home based) services cover the whole of Ireland & the UK. We cover every inch and may often help you on the same day. Contact us now for free advice on 0844 309 1993 or complete the form below.

Our service begins the minute you phone or e-mail us. We have the ability to easily and safely detox you from Heroin Addiction.

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