International Rehab Clinics

We can arrange all transport to our International Rehab Clinics! Do you know someone who wants help with dependence? Call 0844 309 1993 now for free advice!

International Rehab Clinic – Worldwide Treatment at your fingertips

International Rehab ClinicWe’ve got rehab clinics spread across the world. We offer many treatments for dependence both new and old. With the new technology available an increasing number of cutting edge treatments are available world-wide. These treatments vary but all have a place in treating the right person. Everyone differs and we understand this completely. We offer hypnotherapy alongside our traditional treatments (both 12 step and non 12 step). We also offer Ibogaine therapy and Neltroxin inplants. Dependence is diverse and so are we!

International Rehab Clinics – What they offer

Our International rehab clinics offer virtually every treatment accessible and can treat all cases from moderate to acute. We’ve practices that expressly deal with types of addiction or disorder alongside clinics that are totally assorted. Our International rehab Clinics come with fantastic facilities. All our clinics offer an effective and proven programme which includes one on one work with counsellors, group therapy and educational groups. Alongside this some of our clinics boast high-end rooms, gyms, swimming pools and a personal chef.

International Rehab Clinics – Facilities

Internation Rehab ClinicsOur International rehab clinic are generally nestled away on a beach or in the country side to permit tranquility and relaxation. We believe this enables our customers to fully recover and recuperate faster and more comfortably.

Most of our International rehab clinics have complete medical oversight enabling us to treat the most severe cases of addiction. This additionally allows us to handle 24 hour entrances. For more information on specific International Rehab clinics click the particular country links below.

  • Africa Rehabilitation
  • Asia Rehab Clinics
  • Australia Rehab Clinics
  • Carribean Rehab Clinics
  • Europe Rehab Clinics

What do our International Rehab ClinicsTreat?

We are equipped to cope with all substance dependence including but not limited to:

  • Crack addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Ketamine Addiction
  • Cannabis Addiction (Weed)
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Amphetamine Dependence (including Methamphetamine)
  • Prescription Drug Dependence

Even severe instances relating to eating disorders and dependence can be treated by us. We have got specialist rehab clinics dedicated to dealing with severe eating disorder instances. We also have specialised clinics for schizophrenia, psychosis and serious bi polar treatment. Contact us for additional information on 0844 309 1993

Home Based Addiction Treatment

We offer international Home based treatments. For more information visit our International treatment partner. Visit Home Detox South Africa website.

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