Spain Rehab Clinics

Our Spain Rehab clinic is set within lovely surroundings and is just minutes from the beach. We can accept admissions around the clock and can even arrange all of your transportation from anywhere in the world. Call 0844 309 1993 now for more information on our Spain Rehab clinic.

Spain Rehab Clinic – Luxury treatment facility

Spain Rehab ClinicsAfter opening in 2011 our Spain Rehab clinic has quickly established itself as one of the premier addiction treatment centres in the world. Set within lovely grounds and finished to the highest standards our clinic has a real feel of serenity to it. All of our rooms are on-suite with TV, DVD and free Wifi. Within our Spain Rehab we have a private gym and swimming pool for your leisure.

Spain Rehab clinic – Detoxification For Addiction

Spain Rehab ClinicOur Spain Rehab clinic has a dedicated detox unit with specialist medical staff meaning we can treat even the most severe addiction cases safely and effectively. We have a 24 hour medical team allowing us to take urgent admissions around the clock. We can detox our clients from all substance addiction including cross addiction and prescription drug dependence. All of our team originate from an addiction background so fully understand what you are going through. To speak to one of our team or to arrange a free assessment call 0844 309 1993 or email – We are open 24/7

Spain Rehab clinic – The programme & What We Treat

Our clinic prides itself on the success of its addiction programme. We incorporate the AA 12 step programme alongside our motivational programme. We also embrace a holistic approach to addiction treatment at our Spain Rehab Clinic. We feel the best way to treat addictive disorders is through treating the mind, body and soul. Our aftercare package is also extensive as we believe in creating a recovery community in the long run. We are in contact with all of our previous clients and offer special return packages should they be required.

Rehab ClinicMuch of our programme is based around 1 on 1 work, counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Motivational work, assertiveness training, trauma work, relapse prevention and psychotherapy. We have some of the very finest addiction staff that we have sourced from around the world. The programme has been tailor made by our team of addiction experts and the results speak volumes for our team. We also offer equine therapy along with other new effective addictive treatments. Our Spain rehab clinic comes with free family support and aftercare.

We are able to treat all substance addiction along with process addictions (shopping, sex, gambling, love) & eating disorders (sugar addiction, overeating, Bulimia & Anorexia. In addition we can also treat Post Traumatic Stress disorders, bipolar, stress, depression and anxiety. Call us today on 0844 309 1993 for free advice and to see if we can help you!

Spain Rehab clinic – Admissions & Transportation

Our admissions process is simple. We understand it is usually a troubling time when attending a rehab clinic and that’s why we have made it hassle free. After a quick telephone assessment we can arrange admission. We can arrange flights, transfers and even an addiction specialist to accompany on your journey.

Spain Rehab Clinic – What I need?

Just your simple everyday items and comfortable clothing is all you need for your stay at our Spain rehab clinic. We provide all meals from our resident head chef and also allow access to shops for anything you may need for your stay.

0844 309 1993
Spain Rehab Clinic & Detox Unit, La Alberdian 377, El Padrón, 29680 Estepona, Spain

Alternative Addiction Treatment (Non Rehab)

We also offer home based addiction programmes that may be suited to you. Call us today or fill in the form below for more information.

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