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Our Bournemouth rehab clinic has a registered detox unit with 24 hour staff enabling us to accept admissions day and night. Call our Bournemouth rehab on 0845 508 9616 for free advice and guidance on addiction.

Bournemouth Rehab ClinicBournemouth Rehab Clinic – Dedicated Detox

Our Bournemouth rehab clinic has one of the only fully staff medical detox units. This enables the clinic to handle the most severe addiction cases with ease. Our clinic holds full CQC regulation along with a detox medication distribution licence. With a dedicated 24 hour medical team our Detox unit at the Bournemouth Rehab Clinic is renowned around Europe for its great results and comfortable atmosphere.

The usual detox case at our Bournemouth Rehab clinic is between 3 and 10 day days although this can vary dependent on each individual case. One thing we never do is rush the detoxification period as this is the foundation of recovery. You will never be moved from our detox centre until you feel ready.

When in detox at our Bournemouth rehab clinic you will be allocated your own personal support worker along with a nurse and doctor. Our staff are here to ensure you are  comfortable and more importantly safe. If you would like a free assessment call our Bournemouth rehab clinic on 0845 508 9616.

Bournemouth Rehab – The Facilities

Our Bournemouth rehab is set within walking distance of the sea giving a it a real feel of unmatched tranquility. The building itself is set within large grounds giving a real sense of privacy. The Bournemouth Rehab was recently refurbished to the highest standards while still retaining many of its original features.

The clinic has only 18 beds giving it an intimate feel. The small number of beds allow our staff to work with our patients on a very individual basis. This allows us to offer a fantastic personalised programme with a great long term success rate. All rooms are on-suite and come with TVs, free view, WiFi and double beds. Aside from the rooms with have a modern dining area and a relaxing lounge area. Outside there is a seating area along with huge grounds, hot tub and outdoor games. Our Bournemouth rehab is quickly becoming renowned as one of the best in the world.

Kitchen facilities are available should they be needed but we also employ a full time chef to ensure all your dietary requirements are met. Nutrition has been shown to play a large role in recovery from addiction and much of our focus goes on this.

Our Bournemouth rehab also boasts a private swimming pool, tennis courts and access to spa facilities. An on-site gym is also available to use for our clients. The gym contains all of your regular equipment (free weights, cardio equipment and resistance machines). Our Bournemouth rehab offers free family support and aftercare. Call us today direct on 0845 508 9616.

Bournemouth Rehab ClinicBournemouth Rehab – Addiction Treatment

The treatment programme at our Bournemouth rehab will only begin once you have completed detox. This allows you to focus fully on the programme.

Our Programme focuses on traditional methods of treatment (CBT, group work, counselling, trauma work and relapse prevention). We also introduce our clients to AA and the twelve steps although this is not compulsory. Further to this we concentrate on the holistic side of treatment offering Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and acupuncture. We feel to treat a person properly you must focus on the mind, body and soul.

Our addiction team have been hand picked from around the world and consist of some of the very best addiction workers in the world. The programme itself has been created by our team and is delivered in fantastic fashion. With arguably the best success rate outside of the US our Bournemouth Reheb is result focused. Call our Bournemouth Rehab Clinic on 0845 508 9616 for a free assessment.

AddictionsBournemouth Rehab – What We Treat?

We can treat all addictions including cross addiction. As we have a registered detox facility and full CQC regulation we can handle severe cases of addiction.

In addiction the above we are able to treat eating disorders and process addictions along with stress, PTSD and anxiety. Unsure if we can help you? Give us a call, we are open 24/7 0845 508 9616.

Bournemouth Rehabilitation Admissions Process

We have made our admissions process as easy as possible. After a quick telephone assessment we can usually admit you to our Bournemouth rehab clinic the very same day. Transport can even be provided free of charge.


Bournemouth Rehab – The costs
  • 4 Weeks £3750
  • 8 Weeks £6500
  • 12 Weeks £11,500
  • *All prices include full medical detox


This clinic comes with free aftercare and family support. Call our Bournemouth rehab today on 023 8181 4991 now for free advice or fill in the form below.


0845 508 9616

Bournemouth Rehab Clinic & Detox Unit, Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 1NL


Home Treatments – Addiction

We also offer an extensive range of effective home treatments for addiction. To find out more call us on 0845 508 9616 or fill in the form below.

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