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Our Bradford Rehab Clinic can treat even the most serious dependency cases around the clock. For quick entrances to our Bradford Rehab practice call 0113 347 4991 now.

Bradford Rehab – Detox Facility

Bradford RehabOur Bradford Rehab Clinic was made specifically to take care of serious dependency instances. Our Bradford Rehab is not large, having just 12 beds. This enables our staff to supply you with the focus you desire during detox. We’ve got a 24 hour nursing and team Doctors on call in order to ensure you’re in safe hands. Our Bradford rehabilitation is compliant and has complete CQC regulation. This clinic is one of the only in Yorkshire to be able to cater for disabilities & personal health problems along side substance addiction. We’re based near the center of Bradford in West Yorkshire meaning we are close to airports and major motorways.

Pretty much all addiction cases can be accepted by our Bradford rehab should the individual be suited although the practice specialises in serious dependency instances. Typically our customers with serious dependence are completely detoxed here over a span of 10 days to a month (depending on individual & dependency) before moving on to one of our other practices with a more wide-ranging programme. Our Bradford Rehab practice is fantastically suited to someone who needs a physical break to discontinue using and reduce the cravings of substance.

Bradford Rehab Clinic – The facilities

Bradford Rehab ClinicOur Bradford rehab is a modest facility designed especially for detox. We have a committed 24 hour nursing team and can accept 12 patients at a time. Our Bradford rehabilitation practice offers en-suite private rooms with flat-screen TVs (free-view accessibility) & WiFi. It has a comfortable lounge area with a huge flat screen TV, Wii fitness, books and couches. Our facility is set over two floors with a large lift for disabled access. It also has two kitchen areas that our clients are free to use.

Our Bradford rehabilitation has a resident chef who prepares meals that are fantastic through the day. Nutrition plays a massive role in detox and we fully embrace a healthy balanced diet. Our Bradford rehab clinic contains a lovely bright dining area where all our clients can enjoy meals together. Outside we have a tasteful courtyard with a designated smoking area, outdoor games, seating and plants.

Customers who stay at our practice may additionally be given access to our fitness equipment. This is entirely down to your medical condition and the medical staff at the time. The center is equipped with fitness equipment, free weights, punch bags, pool, steam room & sauna.

Bradford Rehab – The Programme

Our programme is quite light and may call for two groups a day as our Bradford rehabilitation practice is made specifically to manage detox cases. You’re not required to attend workshops or any groups until you believe your 100% ready. Our purpose will be to assist you to detox safely and with no pressure. Relaxation is essential to helping withdrawal effects. Our primary programme here isn’t 12 step based but more and informative and healing. We make an effort to introduce all our clients to NA & AA as they could be a great support for long term recovery.

Bradford RehabBeing a specialist practice with 24 hour nursing virtually any demands can be catered for by our Bradford Rehab practice. Serious alcohol detox, opiate detox, benzo detox and sophisticated cross dependency instances can be dealt with by us. Clearly the complexity of your addiction determines the span of detox. For far better and longer treatment after detox we generally recommend that you just go to one of our other practices but this is totally down to the individual. We offer free family support and aftercare to every client. Please our Bradford rehab on 0113 347 4991 to discuss your personal situation. We are open 24 hours and are literally waiting to help.

Bradford Rehab For Addiction – Admissions Process

Our admissions process is hassle free and straightforward. You make contact with us, a rapid phone assessment is carried out by us and that is it. We may also arrange an addiction specialist and free transportation to help with the journey.

Things you may want when staying in our Bradford rehabilitation include your normal essentials (tooth brush, toiletries, clothing, books, ipod etc). Additional advice will be supplied during our phone evaluation.

Bradford Rehab – The prices

  • 10 Days £3500
  • 21 Days £7000
  • 31 Days £10500
  • 45 Days £16000

This practice includes aftercare and free family support. If you need more info on Our Bradford rehabilitation practice telephone 0113 347 4991. Our team have all been through addiction themselves so understand your what you are going through.

0113 347 4991
Bradford Rehab & Detox Unit, 21 Bolling Rd, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD4 7BG

Home Based Treatments for addiction

We also offer effective treatments including Home Based detox and full home based rehab programmes. Our Home Detox prices start from just £995 and our programmes begin at just £150. Contact us today to find out more.

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