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Our Clapham Rehab Clinic is waiting to help and can take 24 hour entries. Need help with substance dependency? Call our Clapham Rehabilitation on 0845 508 9616 for support and free guidance.

Clapham RehabClapham Rehab Clinic – Detox Facility

We started offering a fully supervised medical detox at our Clapham rehabilitation practice in 2006. We hold complete CQC enrollment and have specialised detox staff. Our medical team work 24/7 to ensure you are comfortable and more importaantly safe during your detox process. Additionally, you will have a support worker dedicated to you for the detox period to sure you’re comfortable and relaxed. The Detoxification is usually between 3 and 10 days determined by the seriousness of your addiction but can be more in certain situations.

Our dedicated team of health staff will ensure your detox runs easily and professionally. We can consider the most serious dependency instances as our Clapham rehabilitation practice has 24 hour medical staff. The detox complex itself is divided from the primary practice giving you time and peace to recuperate. We believe that detox ought to be as trouble free and comfortable as possible.

Clapham Rehab ClinicClapham Rehab – The facilities

The Clapham Rehabilitation got a complete internal modernisation in 2014 making it one of the finest rehabilitation practices in Europe. All the rooms are ensuite and come with DVD players, complimentary WiFi, and Flat Screen TVs. The bedrooms are completed to the highest standard to make sure of your relaxation.

All dietary conditions can be catered for by our chef. We feel diet and nutrition plays a major factor in healing from addiction and as such employed one of the best chefs in the South of England.

With a fully stocked fitness centre, health spa and pool facilities relaxation and exercise is paramount to our recovery programme. We also offer fitness and welness classes at our Clapham Rehab clinic. These include, Yoga, Meditation, Pilates and spinning. Our clinic all offers free aftercare and family support to every client.

London Rehab Clinic SW9Clapham Rehab – The Treatment Programme

Your programme will only begin properly once you’ve finished your detoxification. The programme itself is methodical and covers all facets of substance dependency. The programme has been specifically created for substance addiction and is united with the choice of continuing treatment as well as life skills. We can offer long term treatment options that include supported living with career and learning opportunities.

Our Clapham Rehabilitation also utilities an holistic approach to treatment alongside an introduction to traditional addiction treatment (AA assemblies & The 12 steps). As it offers an unmatched support structure outside of a rehabilitation practice, the inclusion of AA meetings has turned out to be beneficial for long-term sobriety. Aftercare is supplied for support and free family care. Want treatment for dependency? Phone us confidentially today on 0845 508 9616.

Clapham Rehab Clinic – What Can We Treat?

As we hold full CQC regulation and a registered detox unit we are able to handle the most severe cases of addiction. We can also treat eating disorders and process addictions with ease at our Clapham rehab clinic. Unsure we can help? Call us for a free assessment on 0845 508 9616.

Clapham Rehabilitation Clinic – Admissions Process

Our admissions procedure is easy and straightforward. After a simple phone evaluation you can be admitted by us to our Clapham Rehabilitation practice. We may also offer free transport!

More details will be supplied during your phone evaluation although you are going to need your regular essentials for your stay within our Clapham rehab practice.

Clapham Rehab – The costs

  • 2 Weeks £3750
  • 4 Weeks £6250
  • 8 Weeks £9250
  • 12 Weeks £11,500
  • *All prices include full medical detox

This clinic comes with free aftercare and family support. Call our Clpham rehab today on 0845 508 9616 now for free advice.

0845 508 9616
Clapham Rehab Clinic & Detox Unit, Clapham Road, London, SW9 9AR

Home Based Addiction Treatment

Dependency treatment is also offered by us from house. Phone us today to find out more on our home-based treatment alternatives. Call 0845 508 9616 or fill in the form below for more information.

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