Kingston Rehab

Our Kingston Rehab can accept the most severe addiction cases around the clock. For fast admissions to our Kingston Rehab clinic call 0845 508 9616.

Kingston Rehab – Specialist Detox Facility

Our Kingston Rehab Clinic is specifically designed to deal with severe addiction cases. The Kingston Rehab itself is small, only having 6 beds. This allows our staff to give you the attention you need during detox. We have a 24 hour nursing team and addiction Doctors on call so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Our Kingston rehab has full CQC registration and is DDA compliant. We are based near the heart of Kingston-Upon-Thames meaning we are close to major motorways and airports.

Although the clinic specialises in severe addiction cases they can accept milder cases should the person be suited. Usually our clients with severe addiction are fully detoxed here over a period of 10 days to a month (depending on person & addiction) before moving on to one of our other clinics with a more extensive programme. Our Kingston Rehab clinic is fantastically suited to someone who has relapsed after long term recovery and needs a physical break to stop using and reduce the cravings.

Kingston Rehab – The facilities

kingston rehabOur Kingston rehab is a small facility designed specifically for detox. We can house 6 patients at a time and have a dedicated 24 hour nursing team. Our Kingston rehab clinic offers on suite privates rooms with flat-screen TVs (free-view access) & WiFi. It has a large lounge with sofas and a big flat screen TV.

Our Kingston rehab has a resident chef who prepares fantastic meals throughout the day. Nutrition is viewed as a big part of recovery when in the early stages of withdrawal and the food at our Kingston Rehab is arguably on Michelin star levels. All the food is served in our fantastically furnished dining area. Due to our Kingston Rehab having its very own private chef we are able to cater for all dietary requirements.

Clients who stay at our clinic longer may also be given access to the gym. This is completely down to the medical staff and your medical condition at the time. The gym is fully equipped with fitness equipment, free weights, punch bags, swimming pool, sauna & steam room.

We offer free aftercare and family support to every client

Kingston Rehab – The Programme

As our Kingston rehab clinic is specifically designed to handle detox cases our programme is very light and may involve two groups a day. You are not required to attend any groups or workshops until you feel 100%. Our aim is to help you detox safely and comfortably without any stress. Relaxation is key to helping withdrawal times and effects. We do have in house AA (alcoholics anonymous) & NA (Narcotics anonymous) twice a week and again these are not required unless you feel 100%. Our main programme here is not 12 step based but more and educational and therapeutic. We try to introduce all of our clinics to AA & NA as they can be a great support for long term recovery

Kingston Rehab – What can we treat?

Being a specialist clinic with 24 hour nursing our Kinsgton Rehab clinic can cater for almost any needs. We can deal with severe alcohol detox, opiate detox, benzo detox and even complex cross addiction cases. Obviously the length of detox is determined by the complexity of your addiction. For longer and more effective treatment after detox we usually recommend that you go to one of our other clinics that focus more on the programme of recovery itself. Please call us on 0845 508 9616 to discuss your personnal situation.

Kingston Rehab – Admissions Procedure

Our admissions procedure is simple and as hassle free as possible. You make contact with us, we carry out a quick telephone assessment and that’s it. We can even arrange free transport and an addiction specialist to help with the journey.

Items you may need when staying in our Kingston rehab include your normal essentials (tooth paste, clothes, books etc). Further information will be provided during our telephone assessment.

Kingston Rehab – The costs

  • 10 Days £3500
  • 21 Days £7000
  • 31 Days £10500
  • 45 Days £16000

This clinic comes with free family support and aftercare. If you want more information on Our Kingston rehab clinic call 020 3369 6991 now. All of our team are addiction specialists and many have been through addiction themselves.

0845 508 9616
Kingston Rehab & Detox Unit, Cromwell Road, Kingston upon Thames, Outer London, KT2 6RN

Home based programmes

We also have an extensive range of home based programmes starting from just £150 per week. Contact us for more information.

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