Wandsworth Rehab

Our Wandsworth Rehab Clinic is also a registered hospital meaning they can cater for the most severe addiction cases 24 hours a day. With a resident doctor and a full nursing team you can rest assured your in safe hands. Call 0845 508 9616 for same day admissions to our Wandsworth Rehab Clinic for addiction.

Wandsworth Rehab ClinicWandsworth Rehab – Detox Unit

Our Wandsworth Rehab holds full CQC registration and is one of the only clinics in the country registered as a private hospital. This enables us to treat the most severe addiction cases and also accept private medical insurance. Our Wandsworth Rehab Clinic is split into three sections separating the main detox unit from the rest of the clinic. The other sections are for people continuing in the recovery programme and for mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

The Wandsworth Rehab Clinic has 47 beds making it one of the biggest in the country. As a result of this the programme is diverse and very effective. Clients are split into suitable groups to enable they get the best possible treatment based on there addictions and current circumstances. The central location of our Wandsworth clinic makes access from airports, trains stations and motorways easy. We can provide free transportation to our clinic from anywhere within the UK.

The Detox process at our Wandsworth rehab clinic can last between 3 and 14 days depending on the individual case. Our Detox unit is a registered private hospital with 24 hour staffing so you know your in safe hands. You will only be moved from the detox unit once you are happy and feel 100%.

Our Wandsworth Rehab Clinic can treat all substance addictions. Additionally we can treat eating disorders, depression, stress and anxiety. Unsure if we can help? Call 0845 508 9616 now for free advice and guidance.

Wandsworth RehabWandsworth Rehab – The facilities

Our Wandsworth Rehab Clinic is set in very large grounds in the exclusive Roehampton area of London. The clinic is ideal for privacy and relaxation. The grade II listed estate has been tastefully modernized while retaining its original features. All rooms are en-suite and contain Flat screen TVs, WiFi, DVD players and satellite TV. Our Wandsworth clinic is arguably one of the most exclusive within Europe attracting clients from all over the world.

We employ a whole team of catering staff at our Wandsworth Rehab to ensure that all of our clients dietary needs are met. We also provide a maid service meaning your stay will be a hassle free as possible.

Our Wandsworth Rehab Clinic has its very own private gym equipped with free weights, resistance machines, punch bags and cardio equipment. Additionally the clinic boasts its own private swimming pool and spa facilities.

Free family support is provided along with an aftercare programme for every client at our Wandsworth rehab clinic.

Addiction CycleWandsworth Rehab – The Programme

When in detox the programme is a light as you want it to be. You are able to attend groups and sessions if you want but this is totally down to you. Once out of detox it is required that you attend so many groups and sessions per day. The programme is relaxed and concentrates on the actions behind your addiction. Traditional treatmments are included such as counseling, CBT, trauma work and life skills. The programme is based loosely on the AA 12 steps but does not follow it strictly. An introduction to AA & NA meetings provided giving you a structure for long term recovery. Our Wandsworth rehab clinic boasts one of the finest recovery records in the world.

Wandsworth Rehab – What We Treat

Being a registered private hospital facility our Wandsworth Rehab is able to treat all cases of substance addiction. As we have a 24 hour nursing team and doctor we can also treat severe eating disorder cases. Our programme itself focuses on all aspects of the person allowing us to treat process and substance addictions alongside depressions, anxiety and PTSD. Call us today on 0845 508 9616 for a free assessment.

Wandsworth Rehab – Admissions Process

We like to make our admissions process as trouble free as possible. We understand this is a stressful time so try and cater for your every need. We can offer free transport from anywhere within the UK. Items you will need for your stay at our Wandsworth clinic include your normal essentials and clothing. You are able to go shopping if you do forget anything. More information with be given during your telephone assessment.

Wandsworth Rehab – The costs

  • Alcohol Detox (1 week) £6254
  • Drug Detox (2 week) £12,508
  • 28 Day Programme £19,000
  • 42 day Programme £28,500
  • *All prices include full medical detox

Family support along with extensive aftercare is provided free of cost. Call us today on 0845 508 9616 for free advice.

0845 508 9616
Wandsworth Addiction Hospital & Rehab, Priory Lane, Roehampton, London SW15 5JJ

 Home Based Addiction Treatments

We are also able to offer home based addiction treatments. We can offer a full medical detox along with an effective home based rehab programme. Call 0845 508 9616 for more information on our home based addiction treatments.

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