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Our Nottingham rehabilitation is capable of taking 24 hour admissions. We have a dedicated medical team and a registered detox unit. Do you need help with addiction? Call our Nottingham Clinic now on 0115 882 0991.

Nottingham Rehab – Dedicated Detox

Nottingham RehabOur Nottingham rehab practice is one of only a handful in the country with dedicated 24 hour medical staffing. We have full CQC regulation and a registered detox unit. Our Detox facility has just 8 beds allowing us to provide the individual attention needed during the detox phase of treatment. We’ve got a fully capable medical team that work around the clock to make sure our patients are safe and comfortable. As we have a nursing team and our own 24 hour doctors we can take some of the worst addiction cases.

Usually between 3 and 10 days we can detox most patients although this can vary depending on each individual case. In severe instances and certain conditions the detox process may take longer. Your detox process would never be hurried as it is a vital part of recovery.

All your needs will be taken care of by our dedicated medical team. At the Nottingham Rehab Clinic the detox period of your treatment is intended to be comfortable and trouble free. For a free assessment please call our Nottingham Rehab Clinic direct on 0115 882 0991.

Nottingham Rehab – The Facilities

Nottingham Rehab ClinicOur Nottingham rehab clinic is placed away from the centre but still within good distance of motorways and train connections. The grade II building is set in large tranquil grounds away from distractions. We feel the place adds a real sense of serenity to its guests and the practice.

The clinic itself was refurbished to the highest standards at the beginning of 2014. With just 19 beds each room has been upgraded while still keeping the original features of the historical building. All rooms are en-suite and come with, desks, flat screen TVs, Wifi and luxury double beds. Being a comparatively small practice in comparison to others in the UK more individual focus is given to our customers. This permits us to concentrate on the individual fully and gives a far better long-term recovery rates.

Our Nottingham Rehab Clinic boasts a lounge, dining room and large garden. All the furnishings’s within our practice are to the highest standard. Since its refurbishment in May 2014 our Nottingham rehabilitation has rapidly become known as one of the finest in Europe.

Should they be required kitchen facilities for our patients are offered. We do have a committed head chef who prepares you all meals and can cater for any dietary conditions. Nutrition plays a big part in recovery and as such allot of focus at our Nottingham Rehab is on diet.

Access to Gym facilities and our Spa may also be offered once you are 100%. With a Sauna, a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Steam Room and massage choices you’ll certainly feel relaxed at our clinic. The gymnasium has a host of gear and offers all regular fitness courses. All our rehabilitation clinics have complimentary aftercare and family support. Call 0115 882 0991 to find out more on our Nottingham Rehab.

Nottingham Rehab – The Treatment

Your recovery programme will only begin when you feel you are prepared. Someone will never be rushed by us through detox into the programme.

The programme features group therapy, counselling, CBT, relapse prevention and psychotherapy. We also include exercise, meditation and yoga into the programme giving an holistic feel. To treat a person for addiction you must treat the mind, body and soul.

AddictionAn introduction to the 12 steps programme of AA is provided and the option to attend meetings. We consider AA a fantastic tool for long term recovery because of the substantial support structure around the world.

Our committed counselling team consists of a number of the very best professionals in the field. The programme was tailor made by our team and is delivered by them. The long-term success rates at our Nottingham rehab are amongst the best in the world. Call our Nottingham Rehab Clinic today for a free assessment on 0115 882 0991

Nottingham Rehab – What We Treat?

As we have a detox unit that is documented and hold complete regulation with the CQC we can consider all instances of addiction. In addition to this our special team can treat eating disorders and process addictions.

We are also able to treat PTSD, stress, anxiety and depression. Uncertain if we can help? Call 0115 882 0991 – we’re open 24/7

Nottingham Rehabilitation Admissions Process

Entrance to our Nottingham rehabilitation is simple and fast. After a quick telephone evaluation we can generally admit you the same day. Transport may also be provided along with an addiction specialist.

This practice comes with family support and complimentary aftercare. Call our Nottingham rehabilitation on 0115 882 0991 for free advice or fill in the form below.

 0115 882 0991
Nottingham Rehab Clinic & Detox Unit, Ransom Road, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5HJ

Addiction Treatment at Home?

We also offer home based treatments for addiction including detox, telephone counseling and full programmes.  Call 0844 309 1993 or complete the form below.

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