Wales Rehab Clinics

24 hour admissions are accepted by our Wales Rehab Clinics! Do you or a loved one need help with addiction? Phone our Cardiff helpline on 0845 508 9616 or request a call back below. You can message us at 

Wales Rehab Clinics for Addiction to Alcohol & Drugs

Wales rehab clinicWe literally have Wales Rehab Clinics the length and width of the nation! Often the most difficult thing about going to a rehab is finding the right one. Luckily we are experts in putting individuals into clinic that will work for them.

All our Wales Rehab Clinics offer excellent programmes that have been analyzed widely. This permits us to boast some of the finest long term achievement rates in the addiction business. Our Wales Rehab Clinics may vary in location, facilities and price but they all offer dependence treatment programmes that are brilliant.

Wales Rehab Clinics – Programmes?

Wales rehab clinicsWe comprehend that everybody differs and that is why we diversify our treatment programmes. Often people are pushed into the treatment that was most convenient and this will not work in the long run. The right clinic or treatment is crucial for your recovery. We’re able to offer Ibogaine treatment and Naltrexone implants. We know that anyone and everyone can recover from dependency so long as they receive the treatment that is right.

All of practices incorporate nutrition and overall health into there treatments. They also usually include one on one work with a specialist addictions counselor, life skills & educational groups. A number of our Wales Rehab Clinics have luxury rooms, swimming pools and private catering staff.

Wales Rehab Clinics – Where?

We’ve Wales Rehab Clinics across the country. For a list of our clinics phone 0845 508 9616 or visit our Wales Rehab Clinic list below:

  • Wales Rehab Clinics Quick Guide & Prices

Not only do we have rehabilitation clinics across Wales and Europe but also the World. The one thing our clinics all have in common is quality and proven results. For more infromation on rehab clinics outside of Wales visit this page:

Home Based Addiction Treatment in Wales

We are also able to offer fully medically supervised Home Detox programmes from addiction in Wales. We have Doctors in every major area and can usually start the process the same day. Our Medical Home Detox prices start at £995. We also have home based programmes starting from just £150. Call our 24/7 team in Cardiff now on 0845 508 9616 or fill in the form below for help. Also email

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