Warrington Rehab

Our Warrington Rehab Clinic is long estblished and well known for its great success rates. We can take clients 24 hours a day. Call us now on 0161 401 2991 for free advice.

Warrington Rehab Clinic – The Facility

Warrington RehabOur Warrington rehabilitation is extremely different from most conventional rehab clinics in the UK and Europe. We offer our clients more independence in off site accommodation. This allows you to keep privacy while recovering. In addition, it enables our clients to learn basic life skills like cooking and washing. This element of freedom we feel gives our customers a better chance of long term recovery upon completion of the programme. The Warrington rehab clinic is entirely complaint and hold full CQC (care quality commission) regulation.

Our Warrington rehab practice is able to deal with most dependency cases although it is better suited to those that have been through detox (acute instances)*. This clinic is programme focused and testimonials along with previous results prove that.

* Should you need to be detoxed we can arrange this with our other clinics. Depending on the severity we may be able to deal with it at our clinic. Call 0161 401 2991 for a free assessment.

Warrington Rehab Clinic – The facilities

Our Warrington rehab is a small facility designed to offer a powerful and long term treatmet programme for individuals looking to escape addition. We have a committed team of counselling staff plus a 24 hour support worker. Our Warrington rehabilitation practice offers private rooms with kitchens and living areas. They all come completely furnished to the highest standards with WiFi access, DVD players and flat screen TVs.

Clearly with your kitchen you’ll be able to cook your own meals but advice will likely be given on nutrition since this is now known scientifically to play a large role in recovery especially in the first stages. Lunch will be supplied daily. Outside the clinic is a court yard with a private smoking area with chairs and outside plants. Our Warrington rehab is only a 5 minute walk to the center of town which offers a host of conveniences and shops.

We have full access to a gym at our Warrington rehab clinic and this is available for all our customers to make use of. The gym itself contains the most recent fitness equipment including punch bags, free weights, resistance machines and a big selection of courses like spinning, Yoga and Pilates. It has a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna and steam rooms.

Warrington Rehabilitation – The Programme

AddictionsThe programme at our Warrington rehab practice is famous as being among the best in the world. We have arguably the best counselors and therapists in Europe. The programme also focuses on a holistic approach which can give our clients a better understanding previous actions and themselves. AA (alcoholics anonymous) & NA (narcotics anonymous) meetings are attended 5 days of the week. The results and testimonials from this programme speak for themselves. If you’d like to discuss further exactly what the programme comprises please telephone our Warrington Rehab practice on 0161 401 2991

Our Warrington rehabilitation clinic offers free aftercare and full family support for one year. It’s recommended to do a three month programme as results demonstrate this gives a much better opportunity of continued sobriety.

Warrington Rehab For Dependence – Admissions Process

Our admissions process is hassle free. We comprehend it could be a difficult time and make everything as simple as possible. Our specialist dependencies staff will ensure your comfortable from the minute you arrive. All you need to do is give us a call on 01234 510991 and we can begin the procedure the same day. We can also offer free transport to our practice from within the UK.

Things you may need for your stay at our Warrington Rehab Clinic include you ordinary everyday essentials. You are able to go shopping so it is not vital that your bring everything. More advice will be provided during your brief telephone assessment.


  •  4 Weeks – £3950
  • 8 Weeks – £6444
  • 12 Weeks – £7800
  • 16 Weeks – £11,000
  • 24 Weeks – £14,000

0161 401 2991
Warrington Rehab Clinic, Ivel Road, Warrington, SG17 5GY

Home Based Programmes

We also provide a medically supervised detox service. This is home based and can be complimented with our home rehab programmes. We have medical staff across the UK & Ireland so contact us on 0844 309 1993 to see if you are suited to our home based addiction treatment.

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