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Our Watford Rehab Clinic now offers a rapid IV alcohol detox service. We can accept 24 hour admissions and treat all addiction cases no matter how severe.

Watford Rehab ClinicWatford Rehab – Detox Facility

Our Watford rehab clinic is set within a grade II listed building to the west of Watford. Set in a tranquil location, our Watford rehab prides itself on privacy and its holistic approach to addiction treatment. This clinic has full CQC registration and offers a full detox service alongside a fantastic programme. Our Watford rehab clinic is very much a family run clinic and this provides a homely feel alongside an effective treatment programme. Relaxation is the key at our Watford rehab clinic and this is obvious form the moment you arrive. Its location allows easy access from major motorways, airports and train stations.

All addiction cases can be treated at our Watford rehab clinic. In very severe cases we may recommend you attend one of our specialist detox clinics first. This can all be decided during your brief telephone assessment. Our Watford rehab clinic can also cater for eating disorders and process addiction alongside substance addiction.

Watford Rehab Watford Rehab Clinic – The facilities

Our Watford rehab clinic is set in large grounds and split into two sections. The grade II building oozes contemporary style with its castle like feature. The entire building has been tastefully modernized and boasts private en suite rooms, massage room, Satori (Massage chair), private gym, hot tub and a resident chef.  All of the rooms come with flat screen TVs, refrigerator, WiFi access and DVD players. Our Watford rehab clinic is split between two building and floors giving our patients ample privacy and space.

The clinic itself has many lounge areas with comfortable seating as well as various counseling and one on one rooms. Science is at the heart of this programme so not only will you be able to beat your addiction but also understand the science behind your addiction.

As mentioned our Watford rehab clinic has its own resident chef. This allows you to relax knowing that all your meals are prepared. Nutrition plays a huge role in recovery from addiction and our clinic fully embraces a healthy diet and lifestyle for sustained sobriety. Cooking facilities are also available for you to use during your stay at our Watford rehab clinic.

Outside the clinic is a large courtyard and a wooded area. Outdoor seating is provided in our designated smoking area. Additionally we have outdoor games, a hot tub and a private car park.

Watford RehabWatford Rehab – The Programme

The programme at our Watford rehab clinic begins lightly (during detox stage). The programme is loosely based around the AA 12 steps but focuses primarily on the holistic approach to recovery. The programme concentrates on the mind, body and soul and incorporates Yoga, fitness and meditation into its programme with great success. Science and technology are also used to treat addiction at our Watford Rehab clinic. Not only do we explain the science behind your addiction we also use modern equipment such as our Satori (relaxation chair). One of only two in Europe this attracts people to our Watford rehab clinic from as far as Australia.

We are the only clinic in Europe currently offering a rapid IV detox (5 day). For more information call our Watford Rehab Clinic on 01923 375991.

In addiction to this we offer tradition treatment methods such as counseling, psychotherapy sessions, group therapy, CBT and trauma work. A light introduction to the AA steps and meetings is provided but not compulsory.

Watford Rehab Clinic For Addiction – Admissions Process

Our admissions process is hassle free and straightforward. You make contact with us, a quick phone assessment is carried out that is it. We can even offer free transport from anywhere within the UK.

You will require you normal everyday items when staying at our Watford rehab clinic. These include basics like tooth brush, tooth paste, comfortable clothing, books. More details will be provided during your telephone assessment.

Bradford Rehab – The prices

  • Rapid IV Detox (5 Days) £5000
  • Standard Medical Detox (10 Days) £3495
  • 14 Day £4495
  • 28 Days £8995
  • 6 Weeks £12,445
  • 12 Weeks £23,995

This practice includes aftercare and free family support. If you need more info on our Watford rehabilitation clinic call 01923 375991. Our team have all been through addiction themselves so understand your what you are going through.

01923 375991
Watford Rehab & Detox Unit, Richmond Drive, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 3BG

Home Based Addiction Treatments

We also offer addiction treatments from your own home. We can provide a full medical detox and even a home based rehab programme. Call 0844 309 1993 for more information.

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