Weston-Super-Mare Rehab

Our Weston-Super-Mare rehab clinic has a registered detox unit with 24 hour staff allowing us to accept admissions around the clock. Call 0845 508 9616 for a free assessment now.

Weston-Super-Mare Rehabilitation Clinic – Dedicated Detox

Weston-super-mare rehabOur Weston-Super-Mare rehab clinic has one of the only totally staffed medical detox units in the UK. This enables the clinic to manage the most serious dependence cases with ease. Complete CQC regulation is held by our practice along with a detox drug distribution licence. With a medical team that is committed 24 hours our Detox facility at the Weston-Super-Mare Rehab Clinic is famous around Europe for its comfortable feeling and great results both short and long term.

The usual detox case at our Weston-Super-Mare Rehab clinic is 5 days although this can vary dependent on each individual case. We never rush the detoxification period since this is the basis of healing. You’ll never be transferred from our detox center till you feel prepared and 100%.

When in detox at our Weston-Super-Mare rehabilitation practice you will be allocated your personal support worker alongside an addiction Doctor and a nurse. Our staff are here to ensure you’re safe and comfortable. In the event you’d like a free assessment call our Weston-Super-Mare rehab clinic on 0845 508 9616.

The Facilities – Weston-Super-Mare Rehab Clinic

Rehab Clinic UKOur Weston-Super-Mare rehabilitation is set within walking distance of the sea giving a it a real feel of unmatched tranquility. The building is set within large grounds giving a further sense of privacy.

The clinic has just 18 beds giving an intimate feel to it. The little number of beds enable our staff to work with our patients on an extremely individual basis. This permits us to offer a fantastic personalised programme with a great long term success rate. All rooms are on-suite and come with free view, TVs, WiFi and double beds. Aside from the rooms we have a relaxing lounge area plus a modern dining area. Outside there’s a seating area along with outdoor games, hot tub and enormous grounds. Our Weston-Super-Mare rehabilitation is fast becoming famous as among the finest in Europe.

Kitchen facilities are accessible should they be needed but we also utilise a full time chef to ensure all your dietary requirements are met. Nourishment has been proven to play a significant role in recovery from addiction and much of our focus goes on this.

Our Weston-Super-Mare rehabilitation also boasts tennis courts, a private pool and access to health spa facilities. An on site fitness center is also available to our clients. The fitness center comprises all of your routine equipment (free weights, cardio equipment and resistance machines). Our Weston-Super-Mare rehab offers free family support and aftercare. Call us direct on 0845 508 9616 now for free advice.

Weston-Super-Mare Rehab Clinic – Addiction Treatment

The treatment programme at our Weston-Super-Mare rehabilitation will begin after you have completed detox. This allows you to focus completely on the programme.

Our Programme focuses on traditional approaches of treatment (CBT, group work, counselling, injury work and relapse prevention). We also introduce our clients to the twelve steps along with AA although this is not compulsory. We feel to treat an individual correctly you should concentrate on the mind, body and soul and as such focus highly on the holistic approach to addiction.

Our dependency team have been hand picked from around the world and consist of a number of the very best dependency workers in the world. The programme is delivered in fantastic style and has been created by our team. With some of the best success rates in Europe our Weston-Super-Mare Reheb is result focused. Call our Weston-Super-Mare Rehab Clinic on 0845 508 9616 for a free evaluation 24/7.

Weston-Super-Mare Rehabilitation – What We Treat?

Addiction CycleWe can treat all dependencies including cross addiction. As we have a documented detox facility and complete CQC regulation we can handle serious instances of dependency.

In addition the above mentioned we are able to take care of eating disorders and process addictions together with PTSD, stress and anxiety. Unsure if we can help you? Give us a call, we are open 24/7 0845 508 9616.

Weston-Super-Mare Rehabilitation Admissions Procedure

Our admissions process has been made by us to be as easy as possible. After a quick telephone assessment we can generally accept you to our Weston-Super-Mare rehab practice the very same day. Transport can even be supplied free of charge.

This clinic comes with family support and free aftercare. Call our Weston-Super-Mare rehab today on 0845 508 9616 for free advice.

0845 508 9616
Weston-Super-Mare Rehab Clinic, Totterdown Lane, Weston-super-Mare BS24 9NN

Home Based Treatments – Dependence/Addiction

We also offer an extensive selection of effective home-based treatments for dependence and addiction. Call 0845 508 9616 for more information or fill in the form below.

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